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Librerama in Toscany, Italy

We are looking for active people who want to help in what we do here;
We have a self-managed library that serves as a motor for many other projects:
1- we are working in a “secret” valley not reacheble by car
2- we run a free-shop
3- we are preparing a project of urban garden in the village
4- we run the “free hospitality” of th Libereria
5- we run the biblioteque

It is a non-profit initiative, so all the activities carried out are open to all and free.

The main objectives of the project are education of children and adults, antispecisism, the creation of alternative socio-economic and management of environmental resources, annihilation of chauvinism (sexism), communal transport, permaculture, natural cures, search the purpose of life and the true nature, self-sufficiency, etc. ..

We believe that through the work of the earth, you can learn a new way of life, that is more satisfying and offers healthy habits that contrast with the impersonal “modern” lifestyle. Being in contact with nature and fresh air helps us rediscover activities considered “old” such as the importance of healthy eating, the joyous beauty of nature, the proper use of NATURAL resources.

We always cook, organize evenings of poetry and collective readings, multi-ethnic cultural meetings, food preparation with antispecism orientation and run a free shop.

We also do gardening (experimental-sinergic and basic Fukuoka permaculture) and ceramics.
We are open to organize courses, and art, meditation, or any other things you are willing to propose.


The services are “eco-style” – we are creating a sustainable-energetic system!

Type of work
Art project,
Language practise,
Helping with Tourists,
Help in the house,
Help with Eco project,
General Maintenance,
We are looking for active people who want to help in what we do here.

If you want help in the garden you need stay at least 3 weeks and be prepared to use all your entusiasm and capacity spontanusly.
This is different to traditional gardening in that the aim is to get the gardens to the stage where they can flower and produce with minimal help.

At the moment we have three little lands which were donated to us for use. All of them are different in some ways, and we are doing experiments to know how the plants are happier. This is the first time when we do this kind of gardening so we are glad to have someone around with knowledge but if you are a beginner it is also ok. Come and help us make the plants grow.

Gardening is more like a full-time hobby than a job for us. It means that we don’t have any timetables. If it is a nice day and we feel like it we go out and do some work.

However the guest can also participate in the organization of events which concern the defence of the local environment from the speculation of a big electric company. We are organizing many activities like barter market, music, ceramic, street art, art exhibition, and conferences.

But of course we do not only work, we also love trekking, playing music, going to hot spring, relaxing, eating…
Languages spoken
english, italian, spanish.
The ‘600 built house is just in front of the Arcidosso Castle, at the center of the medieval part. This little village is on the middle of the active vulcan Amiata.

In the house there is a living area with a big living room and kitchen which are free to use for all. And downstairs there is a dormitory for the guests with three single and two double beds. We don’t have a TV, but the WI-Fi is free, a computer if it is necessary, and a library with books in many different languages.
What else …
Everybody is very welcome here but if you join our group be aware the fact that this is non-profit place. Which means that we can’t provide you food (beside of course the things we grow in the gardens), only accomodation. There are always many people eat, cook, talk, play music and have a nice time but everyone participate somehow in the life together.

more infos by mail to liberama [AT] inventati [DOT] org or



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