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Build your own gift economy festival

Hello Builders,

“Somewhere beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
– Rumi
Inspired by Burning Man and remixed by Babylon the Beautiful, this is Building Man.
Our mission – if we choose to accept it – is the re-imagination of small festival culture and beyond. Replacing an outmoded ‘leave no trace’ philosophy, Building Man will help develop permanent site infrastructures and community arts hubs across the UK.
Volunteer Registration Open NOW | Project Dirt and the POOSH Network
“Change is nature. The part we can influence. And it starts when you decide.”
– Walt Disney
Are you ready to build the change? Join our people powered (r)evolution by signing up today!
Throughout May 2013, the UK’s first ever Building Man will include permaculture design, eco build workshops, appropriate technology installations, contemporary healing practices, food waste banquets, evening discourses, conscious cinema, art and crafts, site decoration and much, much more…
This pioneering gift-led economy is 100% participatory and organised exclusively by volunteers, which makes it completely FREE to you, the people.
This is Building Man | Gift Economy Day
With more than a little help from our friends, we’re delighted to announce our gift-led project launch.
Everyone’s welcome to help co-create this full power performing arts extravaganza, featuring the Magnus Puto, Undercover Hippy, Clayton Blizzard and people powered workshops from Upcycle and Solar Sense.
Everything’s FREE, including a collaborative food waste banquet from the near michelin-starred People’s Kitchen and Fareshare.
Join us from 4pm till midnight on Tuesday 2nd April and help us…
…Crowdfund the Movement | The End to End
“It’s just a ride”
– Bill Hicks
The End to End is a 1,000 mile free wheel adventure into new ways of being. Despite snow drifts, 20 inspired change makers will journey between permaculture projects, eco communities and organic farms from Thursday 28th March to Wednesday 17th April. Follow our intrepid explorers as they crowdfund £10,000 for the UK’s first ever Building Man on Bodenham Manor.
So, it’s over to you folks. Is Building Man really ‘an idea whose time has come’?
YOU decide! Because it’s 2013 and we’ve had the cosmic shift…
Please share this invitation with fellow Builders everywhere and help us peer to peer network this brand new festival making and community building project into another dimension.
For more information:
Crowdfund the movement:
Sign up for FREE with key partners Project Dirt or the POOSH:
Be Constructive, Build the Movement |
Connect and share:
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With all our super abundant love,
Marcus and the Building Man Co-operative
07881 208581

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