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Roundhouse revolution

We built our 7.5m roundhouse 10 years ago and have loved living in it, off grid, spring water, cob rendered strawbales, cob and wood floor, reclaimed windows now we have two kids, dry rot and a bit more money. So we are going to take down our lovely home and rebuild it, green wood concentric frame (two storey) with a raised wooden floor with home made sheeps wool insulation, reusing the strawbales for the walls, hand making wooden window frames, turf and shingle roof.


build 048
We live in a small permaculture based housing co-op (37 acres) where decisions are make by consensus, we eat together, share childcare, grow our food, have two milking goats, chickhens, ducks, pigs and working pony.

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We have decided to hold building camps to get the big jobs done the dates for these are

April 20th – 28th Deconstruction – taking down the roundhouse many hands needed!
June 15 – 23rd Timber framing – Part one roundwood framing funky joints two storey concentirc circle house
August 17 – 25th Timber framing – Part two oak shingles, turf roof leave house happy for winter

hous 082
We are looking for 10 volunteers for each, we’d ideally like people who come on the timber frame camps to have come here before or come on the april camp.These camps will be catered for there may be some cost for food (organic and vegetarian – gluten free and vegan can be organised)

hous 082
You can sleep in a heated strawbale bunkhouse/barn or bring a tent. We will have a 18ft yurt as our kitchen/ diner. Please bring a sleepbag, warm clothes, work gloves, hat, wellies, chocolate and beer (there is no nearby shop). Our nearest train staion is Carmarthen with hourly buses to our village. Please dont just turn up as we may have to turn you away. Contact Staci 01267 275960 to book in xx


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