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The Poosh: Learn eco-building for free

Ben Ward is creating his first cob oven (and first sustainable structure!) in the garden at his family home in Dursely, which is equally distanced between Bristol and Gloucester. He is looking for a volunteer or two to help him step into green self-building right now. Is that person you? is a recently founded not-for-profit organisation that provides its UK and global membership base with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience and labour associated with traditional, natural and alternative building methods. The free-to-use site lists and connects two different user types: those who are planning to undertake a sustainable self-build project and those willing to volunteer at such a project.

Jane and Andy Wells are one of nine smallholdings that make up Lammas eco village in West Wales. They live completely off grid and grow the majority of their own food. They have recently created a build project profile on and are seeking a variety of volunteers to assist them build their timber frame round house with load bearing straw bale extension. With years of experience between them, an arsenal of books and neighbours including the professional green builder Simon Dale, Jane and Andy’s build is likely to be an incredible POOSHing experience.

There is a global trend that is only getting bigger and bigger. People are becoming more contemplative about how they choose to live their lives on this planet. They are considering their consumption habits, lifestyles and values. Buildings account for around 50% of all CO² emissions in the United Kingdom, according to the UK Green Building Council. For a lot of people, you see the convergence of these choices culminating in the building of their homes, should they choose to do so. The oft-asked question is: how do I build my own home?

Sustainable self-build techniques are a serious, rational and innovative response to some of the environmental and economic challenges that face humanity in the 21st century. Having evolved from traditional and proven building methods, sustainable building methods are a viable option for all to self-build their home.

Sustainable self-builds are a fabulous way for individuals and groups across all cultures to share time, energy and experiences by exchanging skills, knowledge and creativity. The sustainable self-build process empowers participants to build their own homes, communities and futures whilst reconnecting with nature.

To view all of the local and global build projects, and to create your free profile, and for latest updates, like us on Facebook or follow us and chat on Twitter.

3 responses to “The Poosh: Learn eco-building for free

  1. Will Naylor ⋅

    I am very interested in your project, I would very much like to volunteer.
    Thank you.

    William Naylor

  2. Anne Page ⋅

    Are you still looking for volunteers?

  3. Tom Lester ⋅

    I would love to volunteer for this. Please let me know if there are any projects available to help with

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