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RTF Spring Gathering Seed Camp


Yorkley Court Farm is hosting this year’s post-post-post-end-of-whatever-that-was-about RTF spring gathering. We are inviting Wwolfers and any one who would like to help set up infrastructure and organisation of the gathering to a seed camp. This camp will begin a week before the start of the gathering on 8th March with a two day permaculture course hosted by Tomas Remiarz.

The first day of the gathering is Saturday 16th and will end on Monday 25th. The weekends will be focused on talks, presentations, workshops and discussion. In the week days between there will be lots of practical activities to be getting on with around the farm and the forest.

We will try to get together all resources and equipment we’ll need for the gathering but we will not make any decisions about the organisational structures until the seed camp begins. This is process that offers a great learning opportunity and we want this to be shared with as many people as possible.

If you are interested in attending the permaculture course let us know as the places will be limited. There is a suggested donation of £20 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This money will cover costs and everything left over will go towards the camp. (Decision with regard to finances will be taken during the seed camp). Anyone is welcoming to come and join the seed camp at anytime form the 8th onwards but just email us and tell us when you would like to arrive. There are more details, including contact details on this website

Wolf wolf.


Yorkley Court Farm map

2 responses to “RTF Spring Gathering Seed Camp

  1. I am so very interested in learning more.
    I live in Lydbrook pt and would very much like to visit you guys.


    the gatherings own website!

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