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Be a steward at radical eco-festival of music and arts

Cloud Cuckoo Land is delighted to announce exciting opportunities to join our growing collective of boundlessly creative thinkers and doers to Wwolfers and Reclaim the Fields. Cloud Cuckoo land is a radical community-focused performing arts festival run exclusively by volunteers and never for profit, with every penny donated to small, radically localised community building initiatives.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

3-5 August

Exciting roles include: Festival Volunteer, Inspired Trader, On Site Creative Director and Minister of Misinformation. All have limited places.

Calling all revolutionaries and renegades. The Clouds is growing through 2012 and beyond, and we need your help…

Ladies and gentle folk, this means YOU. Whether you’re boundlessly creative or simply crave inspiration, we’re building a community of open minded volunteers ready to turn our collective imaginations into a shared reality.

WE are the community focused performing arts festival in the Clouds, and this is an invitation to join our Cuckoo shaped revolution.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be throwing open our arms and welcoming a whole flock of new recruits into our nest. If you’d like to spend a few days of your summer making friends and building festivals, serving cider or growing a sense of community in our camping fields, then please read carefully onwards…

The Invite

Join us for three days or more over the week long build up and take down of Cloud Cuckoo Land, from 1st till 6th of August, on Fernhill’s beautiful eco farm in the Mendip Hills, less than 20 miles from Bristol.

Volunteer 3 x six hour shifts of your time, and develop new skills across a wide range of activities, make new friends and enjoy the festival from the perspective of one of our many conscious creators.

We’ll give you a delicious, wholesome meal per shift, complete with complimentary cider, and offer cost price fare for the duration of your stay. You’ll get a full weekend ticket, and access to a reduced price guest ticket for a friend or loved one.

Come again in 2013 and beyond, as you become part of our community of festival makers. We’ll invite you to volunteer at an evolving portfolio of events, from Off Grid festivals to free events and fundraisers, as we help groom a newly emerging tribe of rainbow warriors and pyschonauts.

Simply download the form below, and kick start your very own revolutionary action.

Download the application form here

Because you know what, folks?

Small festivals actively demonstrate that radically localised communities can flourish when people combine freely and creatively.

The situation is simply thus: we have everything we need, right now, to solve every major problem facing our world.

See below for job descriptions:

festival volunteer

Site stewards, bar staff, kitchen porters, sign painters, site office crew, eco builders and artists can get a free ticket (£50 deposit) and experience up to a week of empowering community building.

Your community focused performing arts festival in the Clouds needs you! Join our newly indigenous tribe of cultural revolutionaries and social evolutionaries on Fernhill’s beautiful operational eco farm on Somerset’s Mendip Hills, near Cheddar.

Job Spec:

> Min. 3 x 6 hour shifts over five days, between Thursday 2nd August and Monday 6th. Additional opportunities for skilled or artistic site build volunteers available on request.

> Voluntary role, including free festival ticket, plus crew food and drink token for every shift completed.

> Free festival bus ticket from Bristol.

> Fifty pounds deposit required.

inspired trader

The Blurb:

Cloud Cuckoo Land seeks inspired traders to use our festival as a platform to generate funds for your project and raise its profile! Does your social enterprise reinvest profits, develop recycled materials or engage creatively to raise awareness of convergent crises? Does your model demonstrate innovation, or do you inspire positive action?

Become one of 2012’s hand-picked inspired traders, enjoying outstanding access to a marketplace of approximately 1000 free thinking cultural creatives!

Job Spec:

> Festival pitch within the ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ conference barn.
> Zero pitch fee, though voluntary donation to Koyaanisqatsi Trust desired depending on funds raised.
> 2 x festival tickets, including vehicle pass.

minister of misinformation

The Blurb:

Cloud Cuckoo Land’s Bureau of Propaganda is expanding! The festival is seeking a brand new Minister of Misinformation, to help coordinate our growing guerrilla marketing initiatives across  Bristol’s Stokes Croft, Hackney, Glastonbury and festival’s including Sunrise Celebration and the Secret Garden Party.

Primary duties will include ordering and distribution of flyers, posters and other promotional materials, PR and Press responsibilities with hand-picked, non corporate media allies, as well as significant scope to design and organise high profile, ideally subversive art installations and ‘flash mob’ style publicity stunts within our primary communities of interest.

NB. Cloud Cuckoo Land’s promotion strategy is almost exclusively peer to peer, and any Minister will actively spread the love via social networks and physical, flyer in hand, word of mouth promotion. This is a hands on, boundlessly creative role, with huge scope for expanded involvement in our collaborative network of projects as our funding model develops in 2013 and beyond.

Job Spec:

> Voluntary role, including min. 2 x complementary festival tickets and free festival bus from Bristol.
> Small materials budget allocated, with potential for additional funding depending on ambition.
> Opportunities to coordinate initiatives at upcoming events including Sunrise Celebration and the Secret Garden Party.
> Immediate start.

on site creative director

The Blurb:

Create our mythical utopia in the Clouds! Cloud Cuckoo Land Festival is seeking a small team of artists and eco builders to help transform Fernhill’s operational eco farm into a community focused performing arts festival, including multiple stages and opportunities for fully funded on site art installations.

In particular, our On Site Creative Director will help design and coordinate these activities, bringing a cohesion to designs across ten live music and performing arts spaces. Applicants should be available to work on site from July 30th or 31st and will be primarily responsible for the decoration of our booming main stage, which could also be described as a sheep shearing barn.

The festival’s theme in 2012 is ‘Rise of the Super Apes,’ as we encourage participants to recognise their nature, as well as their enormous creative potential, and ‘be evolution.’

A significant budget will be allocated for building materials and décor, though the festival would prefer extensive use of salvaged or second hand materials.

Job Spec:

> Voluntary role, including festival tickets, transfers from Bristol and crew food.
> Recruitment and coordination of small crew of creative volunteers.
> Significant materials budget allocated.
> Immediate start.

Though opportunities will initially be on a ‘for the love of it’ only basis, this model is due to expand in 2013, to include regular ‘Super Ape’ fundraisers in Bristol and Glastonbury and the launch of an exciting new collaborative project called Building Man Festivals.

Scheduled for early May 2013, the Clouds Off Grid will become the UK’s first Building Man, gathering networks of experts, infrastructures and volunteers to combine over a full two week programme; sharing skills and empowering action whilst developing a permanent site infrastructure in the community interest.

First described by Aristophanes, the Clouds is an unrealistically unrealistic state of being, where everything is possible. Today, this re-imagined utopia is a collaborative network of people and projects and an emerging community of interest, combining information and inspiration in boundless creativity.

Through festival making and other fundraising initiatives, this model will ultimately provide a flow of resources and energy sufficient to create and sustain a rural arts hub, or permanent festival site and eco community. By reconnecting with ourselves, our world and each other, the Clouds will become a creative biotope helping to heal the culturally dynamic regional hubs of Stokes Croft, Hackney and Glastonbury.

Contact us

 email marcus AT cloudcuckooland DOT org

call +447881208581


4 responses to “Be a steward at radical eco-festival of music and arts

  1. Peace brothers and sisters. Do you still require volunteers?

  2. wwolfing

    Hi Nick, if you have special circumstances you could email marcus[at]cloudcuckooland[dot]org and explain the situation.

    Have a sunny summer.


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