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Landmatters: permaculture put into practice

Landmatters is UK permaculture’s best kept secret: a thriving sustainable permaculture community. If you ever wondered what it looks like to think globally and act locally, take a look at Landmatters. We are delighted to invite Reclaim the Fields to a one-off volunteering trip with us.

24-31 March

Fully booked

The residents have the intention to create a thriving low impact community, a place where we can explore ways of living gently on the earth and inspire others to do the same. We feel this is an appropriate thing to do in order to take personal responsibility for climate change and the current environmental crisis. We also wish to live like this out of a sense of responsibility to future generations.
Landmatters is home to 16 residents, a 42-acre co-operative settlement modelled on Earth Care, People Care and Fair shares. The co-operative’s members have a diverse range of backgrounds and skills such as sustainable land use, organic horticulture, woodland management and wood crafts, ecology of biodiversity, conservation, arts, education, group facilitation and working within co-operative structures. Most are trained in Permaculture design.

Volunteers will be mostly helping to repairing and re-chipping garden paths, and possibly preparing the organic veg beds for the 2012 growing season or helping in our mysterious woodland.  Food will be vegetarian and prepared by rota in the communal building. Leave your air-freighted pineapples and your jumbo crates of sherry at home, this will be local, sustainable food, cooked with love.
Volunteers will be camping (stunning views of rolling Devon hills guaranteed), so please bring your tent and thermals.

Fully booked

To book please call Sharon on 07833 938 536. You will need your own tent, outdoor clothing, thermals and ideally bucketloads of enthusiasm! If you are successful in getting a place, please let us know if your plans change, so that we can invite volunteers from the waiting list. See you in March!
Our address is Landmatters, Allaleigh, Totnes, Devon,TQ9 TDL We encourage public transport. We can give you detailed directions as you book.

One response to “Landmatters: permaculture put into practice

  1. bibi ⋅

    hello! i’ve left a text message on the phone, but just in case it doesnt work, i would love to come to landmatters for this time.

    hope someone gets this 🙂

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